Thursday, September 30, 2010

Concert & Compliment

I've had so many different plans for tonight, but all of them got cancelled. Instead of sitting at home, I decided to go to a classical concert in Koncerthuset, where a really good pianist played Gershwins piano concerto.
Outside of my door, I found this out-of-place clamshell with a nice mother-of-pearl shine. Wonder how it got there? Did a seagull drop it? After all, the ocean is so close to my appartment that I can smell it in the early mornings.
I took some nice sunset-photos of the award-winning Tietgen-dormatory, which is next to the concerthall.

The concert... I couldn't hear the piano! Ok, I sat in the cheap rows, behind the orchestra, but still... horrible. I've never experienced that before. The orchestra didn't play together, the conductor seemed stressed, but I heard from a friend (and it's a BIG secret, so don't tell anyone), that they barely had any rehearsel together. Still, I'm upset - it's a professionel orchestra after all. Worst classical experience EVER. So it was nice that same friend gave me the sweetest compliment I've ever recieved. I can't even tell it here, I'd be too ashamed. But it had to do with a famous woman she thought I look like. (I hadn't seen this friend in almost 7 years, so that's why she noticed. Or whatever.)


Twin Shadow

I LOVE music! Can't live without it. But whenever I explore "new" music, I tend to look to the past, and not the present. Fortunatly I work freelance for danish musicmagazine Soundvenue, and when I have to do interviews for them - usually with foreign, upcoming bands - I get to hear some of what's happening right here, right now.
Twin Shadow is one of those. I really like his music (which isn't always the case with the bands I interview...*gasp*). His album 'Forget' has just been released, it's soul-pop-krautrocky, and I adore his voice. He has a cool sense of style, and this video is hilarious. I love people who don't take themselves too serious.
Hope you enjoy.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Copenhagen love in the fall

Copenhagen today... Wow.
I've been busy-busy-busy, meetings all over the city, and in the afternoon I biked over my favorite spot in all of Copenhagen, Dronning Louises bridge, and I had to stop and take a photo. Look at those colors in the sky and the water! And the clouds and the shadows. Yay. (And yay for my trusted iPhone... my old digital camera is horrible compared - these are pretty neet shots, don't you think? But I needs me some reflex camera. When I'm rich.)


Monday, September 27, 2010

Berlin in 1 week!

Today has been a weird day. I'm sad, confused, angry, relieved... and I had bad AND expensive coffee. But then I remembered... I'm going to Berlin in 8 days! My love.
I'm staying at a best friends place, and she's going to Copenhagen. We'll have a few days together, to eat punk-pizza, get haircuts, scour 2nd hand stores, laugh, drink. And then - I'll have an entire week, all to myself. Oh Berlin... It's going to be a loveaffair to remember.
The pictures are from my last visit to Berlin - the view from the balcony. I'll remember to take some more interesting photos this time.

So, the day ends  well. I'm listening to Ravel's piano concerto in G. The beauty of the piece eases my mind. I should go hear it in concert on friday.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

"End of the month"-blues.

My lunch today. Not too shabby, not at all, especially considering it's the end of the month... gaah! I'm such a baaad spender, being too much of a girl/musician/journalist (= shoes+dresses/beer/coffee) with the allready limited finances that I toil with. Tut tut.
(The thing is, my dinner will probably be pretty much identical...will try to add some protein of some sort. Lentils or an egg... tomorrow will look the same as well. Hmmm.) 
But I looove tomatoes. My one go-to ingredient of all times. Saves me again and again.


Harbo Bar

I love my appartment, but since I work freelance at the moment, I try to get out as much as possible. Plus, I don't have internet at my place. (Yeah, I know... don't ask.)
As a result, I frequent a lot of coffeeplaces. I live smack-middle in the city - but for some reason, there are no good coffee-hangouts, so I go to Nørrebro or sometimes Vesterbro in the pursuit of decent coffee and a homely environment.
One of my regular spots, (where I'm sitting now as I type), is Harbo Bar in Blågårdsgade. Good coffee, and I got my favorite spot this grey sunday, sitting at the windowsill, overlooking the street and all the colorful people walking there.
I sit here for hours on end, writing, editing video, chatting and procrastinating.
It's expensive in coffe, but priceless in visual entertainment.


Friday, September 24, 2010

No. 1

First entry.
I've long thought about making a blog. And now seems the perfect time. With too many thoughts in my head and not enought time on my hands.
This blog will be about music, food, clothes, my home, my travels, my walks. Thoughts, but I will try not to make it too gloomy. I will try to revel in the beauty of everyday life. Maybe I'll start to make small videos. Anything can happen.

I play in a band called SPEkTR. It is my greatest love - I cannot believe that I play in the greatest band. I really do love our music so much, and I'm challenged by it and recieve so much, allthough it's a struggle.
Last tuesday we were invited to play at a release-party for the all-girl-beauty-trio Giana Factory. We were to play a cover of one of their songs, called 'Change Of Heart'. Loads of copenhipsters were there, quite a laugh. I'm not a big fan of their music, to be honest, but they do have a certain something. They could really make it big.
What I do love of theirs, though, is their artwork. I think it's gorgeous! Delicate, blurry landscapes, stars and soft colors.

Their EP 'Bloody Game'

Their debut-album 'Save The Youth'

And the girls themselves.

I got their debut on vinyl, thinking of nailing it to the wall...?