Monday, January 31, 2011

Last day...

Tomorrow I start my fulltime internship. I'm so nervous. I've been stressed and busy today, having heeps of stuff to do before tomorrow. But I have work to do on the computer, so took the advantage of doing that at one of my favorite coffeeplaces - 'Kaffebar' = 'Coffeebar' - when is the next time I'll be able to sit in the middle of a weekday with good coffee and mac? Never?

Am I ready for this? I hope so.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wild Nothing

This is a tune that really belongs in the summertime, with long bright nights and sweet breezes - but this one has stuck with me all winter.
I did an interview with the musician behind Wild Nothing about half a year ago, and I asked him about the lyrics - and he was just not paying that much attention to them. It was just something to sing.
Fair enough, I'm not much of a person who cares about lyrics, I care about the music. If I want to read beautiful and meaningful words, I'll read a novel or poetry.

But it kinda bugs me though - becuase if he doesn't give it any thought, then how can he write a phrase that is so... me?

'This abyss won't last forever
And that's exactly why
I'd rather live in dreams
Than I'd rather die.'



Not only did I see a movie alone on friday, I also went to a concert alone... (does that make me a loser? Or a maverick?)
Well, I just can't get enough of music, especially not when it's free and just where I live. So I went to the Winterjazz Festival and heard Kresten Osgood + Co. live in concert.
I'm not a big expert on jazz, so I thought I needed some liveexperience. It didn't thrill me, but it was interesting.
Today I'm going to see another free concert with Cæcilie Norby at 15, also at The National Gallery of Denmark. Yeah - wouldn't you know? I've never been there to see art in the 8 years I've lived near by, but as soon as there is free music, I'm there in a heartbeat. Geek!

Wanna come with?


Friday, January 28, 2011


We had a great concert yesterday! The best thing in the world is to play live... what does non-musicians get their kick out of? Don't get it...

Today some of us in the band took care of gear, and when that was done I found myself on Nørrebro at 12.15 and thought: "Why not go see a movie in Empire at 12.30?". So I did - as you can see in the first picture, the place was kinda empty - I think we were less than 10 people who saw the movie; 'Winters Bone'. It was really good and intense. It's so scary that people live in societies like that in a country like America.
On my way home I stopped to take a photo of my favorite spot in Cph (it's a classic by now) because the weather was so lovely - and there on one of the bridgepillars was a note with the word 'change' on it - backwards. How fitting for my situation right now.

When will be the next time that I have the luxury of going to the movies in the middle of the day?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tonights setlist

Just printed 5 copies of tonights setlist. How do you like them titles?

Looking forward to playing the concert, because there is no better feeling than being on stage with the band - but today has been a black day. We've lost two great danes.
Tøger Seidenfaden, the editer-in-chief of "my" newspaper, Politiken. The paper I've read the last 15 years and where I dream of working some day. He was Politiken
And Henrik Hall, a musician and part of Love Shop.

May you sleep eternally peacefull, you two great men.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I start my internship on tuesday.
I'm starting to get nervous, and all my insecurities are bursting from within...
Last week was such a mental rollercoaster - right now I'm tired. Just so damn tired. I need a warm embrace and kind words.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boy A

I spent the evening with my friend. She made amazing mousaka, and then we wanted to see a movie.
I'd given her 'Boy A' a long time ago, and it was still unwrapped, so I suggested to her that we watch it - me for the second time.

Everyone in the world should be forced to watch this movie - then we can talk about 'evil'!
Social heritage is such a huge factor that - in my opinion - is constantly underestimated.

It is possibly the most heartwrenching movie I've ever seen. We both sobbed helplessly. 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a thought...

On Bloglovin' (btw, I hate when people spell it lovin' and not loving. It makes it seem so yo-yo-diggidy-dawg-dude-r'n'b-hipsterslang-talk-ish. Ick. Well. Back to the point) I had to pick a category for this blog.
I chose lifestyle... and it just hit me. My blog is about my life; but there's not that much style...


The day after

Last night after I said farewell to sweet Linda, I started thinking that we'd sort of had a 'blind date' in a friend-sort-of-way.
We had such a fun evening. First soup and lots of talking at Soupanatural (mine was spicy blackbean soup, YUM!, and Linda had tomatosoup - btw, how was it?), then hurry-hurry-hurry to the cinema were we saw 'Biutiful'. An intense movie with many poor excistenses and sad faiths centered around Javier Bardems character. Without no climax or epiphanies, it just sort of faded out in the end. Tough, tough movie, but fascinating and good!

After the movie Linda and I talked some more, about blogging and journalism and life and all in between. And then we bid adieu on Nørrebrogade. Perfect. Oh, and she'd bought candy for both of us - how sweet is that?!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back on track

Sleeping in, taking time to read the news and blogs over a luxury breakfast... I like sundays.
Today is gonna be special, because after bandpractise I'm meeting with sweet Linda from Simpel Dagbog. That's a first for me, to meet with someone I've befriended in Blogland. I'm looking so much forward to it.


P.s. If any of you in Copenhagen wants to see my band live in concert on thursday, just send me an email or leave your name in the commentsection, and I'll put you on the doorlist. We're playing at Rust.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Appetite for destruction?

Not quite. But I am feeling hungry again, which is nice. Uhm, I've had breakfast and lunch today. Thrilling stuff.


P.s. Is there starting to form a pattern? I often refer to music in my blog-headlines. This one? Guns N' Roses. Yeah. You get a video.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Kind Of Magic

I've shown you my pacman/ghostbuster tealightholder before, but I also have a little jumpropeskipping girl tealightholder, that reveals herself when lit.
Small everyday treasures.

Good friday and weekend, everyone!


Yes, I stole the title from a Queen song. So you have to have it. Oh Freddy, why did you die so young? Mastervoice.

A beautiful building

My main errand yesterday was returning some sheetmusic to The Royal Academy of Music, where my singing friend attends classes.
It is such a beautiful building, and there are so many details that I swoon over, inside as well as outside.

It used to be where the National Radio was, and the concerthall - but they moved to bigger facilities a few years ago. Then the conservatory could take over this building and finally have a decent place for debutconcerts, masterclasses and such. I'm going to be there a lot in May, so I plan to take more pictures of the inside then.

I was - once again - at the Concerthall last night (I need to take some pictures there soon... the outside aestetics can be discussed, but inside it's marvelous. The musichall itself is stunning!)
The worldrenowned violinist Gidon Kremer played - but I don't know violinmusic that well, can't tell if he is the best, as some call him.
But the conductor Kristjan Järvi was special. Especially the first piece by Arvo Pärt, where he conducted without baton (the little stick). He was so organic and fluid, using his entire body, and it looked like he did Tai Chi. I loved looking at him.
You don't get a bigger viewer, because it's all black, but do yourself a favor and listen to it. 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The sun! Yay - let's celebrate!

I went for a long walk today, had some errands to run, but just wanted to take the time and enjoy the sun, so the bike with the starclad saddle stayed at home.
There were so many people by the lakes. When you live in a winterdark and grey country like Denmark, as a citizen you learn to go outside as much as possible, when the weather is lovely like today.
It's still cold, the lakes are frozen - and they look beautiful with the ice. Like it's raining under it, or that millions of jellyfish have moulded together.
My feet were happy back in the trusted, falling-apart converse. No more big and heavy winterboots, aaah - but weather, please stay cold and sunny until spring. Pretty please?


I have to share this with you

This is some of the most inspiring I've ever encountered. Alfred Cortot giving a masterclass.
From the video 'The Art of Piano - The Greatest Pianist of the 20th Century'.

It's amazing how he can put words to the otherwise difficult task of musical expression.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My newyears resolution for 2011 is to get more kisses. So far it's going really bad, so I've started to kiss my own reflection in the mirror. (Narcissus, anyone?)

Someone had kissed the soft elephantskin-like concrete wall at Koncerthuset (the concerthall) last time I was there... sweet.


Loss of appetite

This is lunch. I really, really intend to eat it... but it's just staring at me besides my computer right now, and I just can't forcefeed myself. I should. I've only had one kiwi today... No appetite is a b****!

On the positive side my economy appreciates it. Oh well...


A Handsome Man

I love David Bowie. If you've read this blog for a while, you probably know that.
I think he's so handsome... I liked the way his teeth made his mouth pout a little - but he's had them re-made. Such a shame. And the blue and brown eye?! Fascinating!

I like my vinyls... as a child, I had hours of fun playing albums on speed 45 and not 33 as you're supposed to. I looked at the album covers and made stories about the faces and pictures.

Just a small spread of my Bowie-collection. To be exact, these are the ones I've listened to today... right now I'm listening to Hunky Dory - the album that made me a fan... for life, it would seem. It's been going on for nearly 15 years now. I always return to David sooner or later.

Once I nearly got to meet him. As a blushing & quivering 21-year old, I got through on national radio and competed against a much older dude about who knew most about Bowie. I lost with one point... due to a panic-black out, I might add.


P.s. You get the 'Life on Mars?' video... although it's horrible. But I reckon it must have been quite special back in the days.

Odd... I wanted this post to appear later today. Hmm blogspot. Well, 2-for-1 it would seem. 

Close one!

I can't stop laughing about this vote... Katy Perry 3 - Nirvana 4.
It's from the school where we (the band) practice. Our bass/bariton player is the musicteacher. And these kids are actually pretty cool, with artsy, mellow parents and stuff. It must be so much worse at more ordinary schools. Yikes.

I can play 'Smells like teen spirit' on my guitar, haha.


P.s. Should I put it on here? Yeah, I should... for old times sakes.
I like the stomping Converseclad foot. Such an iconic image.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When all else fails...

...there's nothing else to do than put on some red lipstick and an attitude to go with it.


Monday, January 17, 2011


Sleep is my best friend. It covers me in a warm blanket of sweet nothingness.

I'm such a fool.

(Too much) Love,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My band

Our new video for 'Six Robots'.
Made by Richard Doble.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

What happened to...

...trying to save money?
Well, it went afloat when I saw that brown dress. Yes, I know it has stripes *oh gawd, that's just soooo last season!* - but I like stripes, and I really, really like the color.
And then there was the earrings - not all 6 of them, just the pair with the curled up foxes, that you can't really make out on the pictures, but oh wow, and ok yeah, 6 small pair of animal-earrings, yay!
And then there was the mittens, that I've oogled so many times, and I've been steadfast and 'no, you have mittens' - but then they were on sale, and I got a further reduced price because it had a teeny, tiny hole.

All I needed was a small handmirror for applying red lipstick in dark bars. Damn you, H&M!