Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No. 100!

This is the 100th post - hooray.

But I'm sick - again! 2011 has not been good healthwise. But if I get it all over with now, before work starts and I don't have time to be sick, then it's fine by me.

I have a fever and am coughing, so I'm in bed with my trusted mac, reading blogs and news and watching youtube.

Over at Jennys blog Sammy Rose I found a picture of: The! Coolest! Plate! EVER! (Photo by Jenny)
I'm in love - anyone know where I can buy this beauty?

So - happy 100th post.

I love you more than zombies love brains.


  1. æv, jeg ved det desværre ikke. men kan du ikke spørge jenny? forstår godt trangen til sådan en sej sag. tillykke med indlæg nummer 100. det må fejres snart.

  2. Tak! Og ja, det må det - lige om lidt :)