Friday, January 7, 2011

What I ate in Austria pt. 2

Running sushi. And really good sushi - or else it's no fun. I really like the small, colorful plates, but otherwise it's not so charming to eat running sushi, considering japanese food being such an aesthetically oriented kitchen.
The place is just beside the Naschmarkt in Vienna, which is a great place to buy food and specialites in small stalls, but it was sunday, so it was of course closed, Austria being a very strickt catholic country and all. Almost all of Vienna was closed, besides restaurants and cafées - and that was really all I desired that day.



  1. den kæde kender jeg efterhånden smaddergodt. og det er sjovt, sundt og sushi. hurra!

  2. Sushi on such cute plates! How was the rice!? I couldn't get any decent sushi in Copenhagen because they never get the rice right. Salmon, on the other hand, was always yummy.

  3. @Linda: Ja, hurra! Jeg kan godt lide, at jeg må vælge lige det, jeg har mest lyst til. Men bliver lidt stresset og rundtosset af båndet efter et stykke tid.

  4. @Ai: I thought the rice was good, but then again, I've ever only had sushi in Denmark, Austria and Germany, so I probably can't tell. My friend, who was with me, has been in Japan, and she is never satisfied compared to what she got there, so she lowers her standards in Europe and found the sushi really good.
    The new thing in Denmark is black rice, because it's supposed to be more healthy - haven't tried it yet...