Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, oh sunday

I've had an emotional weekend. I really wish I could control them, those damn selfsufficiant emotions, and not be such a slave to them... will I ever learn?
If it wasn't for amazing friends...

Yesterday I had beers and played Scrabble at Din Nye Ven, a great coffeeplace/bar - the name means 'Your New Friend'. Best name!

There was bandpractice - it should have been on thursday, but was cancelled; and then it was cancelled again today. You can't blame someone with a bruised foot, but I really need to play the best music in the world with the best band soon!
So instead I managed an impromptu coffeedate with my friend, before she leaves for Japan - and after that I headed for the movietheater to meet another friend and watch 'Io sono l'Amore' - 'I am love'. Best title?

It stars a frightningly spectacular Tilda Swinton - she's very versatile and breathtaking in this film.
A very sensuel movie - toying with vision and sound. Really interesting and picturesque. But one that needs to float in my head for a few days, before I can come with a verdict. But I know I like it. That's something.

I didn't take any pictures at all this weekend. Typical. But I've had this song in my head most of today...


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