Monday, January 10, 2011

Final Vienna - until next time

 We were caught in the most amazing snow. As you can see, Denise was excited, and so was I - but the glittering streets of Vienna was soon vacated - everyone else took shelter in cafees and restaurants. So we had the streets to ourselves for half an hour. Magic.

Final picture from Vienna:
This moose I saw my first time in Vienna - on a different building. I like this street artist. Anyone know, who he/she is?
I also like the way my shadow is cast.



  1. kender desværre ikke til kunstneren. men det er godt nok smadderfint. i øvrigt; smukke sneglimt med smil & lykke.

  2. Sneglimt er dejlige vinterjuveler, som det gælder om at holde fat i og mindes i mørket :)