Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book bargain

Yesterday I met with a dear friend, and we went out in our beloved Copenhagen, eating lunch, shopping and having cake. Perfect!
I found two books at the amazing price of 25 kr. Total. That's about 3 € or 5 $. Score!
'Skygge-Baldur' by Sjón has actually been a blog-favorite of late - at least in Denmark. Both Spirrevip and Bogfinkebloggen (note - they're in danish) have made a post about it. So I'm just following suit.
I ended the day at another friends place where she gave me a singing lesson. And she was so good, I'm really proud of her, becuase suddenly there was a wholelotta volume coming out of this girl (me), I tell you.
Today - my ear has been aching painfully. But I managed to do all things on my to-do list. Except washing clothes. Now I'm having dinner...
I'm just not that hungry. But bloodoranges are a hit, and these are especially sour, just the way I like them.
Drinking grapefruit juice and tea, and then - the books.
Hope I'm feeling better tomorrow. There's bandpractice!


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