Friday, October 29, 2010

Winding down

I'm taking a break this friday and saturday. Since I came home from Berlin, it's been stressed and busy... so I'm at my parents place, laying low, reading, playing cards, relaxing.
They live in the forest, so I went for a walk with my favorite dog Tibby.
I think the fall-foliage this year is extraordinarily beautiful. Usually it's just brown, soddy and damp - sad leaves lying in moldy puddles on the ground, but this year it's bright colors: red, green, yellow. We only need some blue sky to make it perfect.

I felt like I was part of Twin Peaks, walking there, smelling the pinetrees. So now - damn good coffee, and Angelo Badalamentis wonderful soundtrack.


The Malpractice

A little song for the weekend.
Johannes Gammelby is one of the most talented songwriters in Denmark in my book. He is part of Beta Satan, and he used to frontline his solo-project I Am Bones, but that is of the past.

Now it's time for The Malpractice - a different soloproject. The name is taken from the Faith No More song featured on 'Angel Dust'  - yeah, how awesome is that?
I dig the new album! Soundvenue, my boss-mag, has streamed it this week.
His music just gets to me. The energy, the noise, the atmosphere, the references. I wanna make music like this. Only with a girlvocal and more piano. I'm working on that.

Hope you enjoy,

Love Ida

P.s. If you're in Copenhagen, then there's a releaseparty tomorrow at Beta. I won't be able to attend, but go go go!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flying leaves

I came across this beautiful but poor tree today. It had lost nearly all it's golden leaves, but they stayed close by.
Not like yesterday - a lot of leaves were blowing in the wind, as I was traipsing through the city. It looked like they were leaving the "nest", searching for an adventure. It sure was windy, they never fell to the ground.

I had dinner with a friend at Soupanatural, eating delicious Dahl-soup. She had a glass of algae-juice. It was dark green, which might be hard to tell from the picture, but it came with festive paper-straws. It tasted better than it looked, but it'll never be my favorite cup'o'tea...
We heard an intimate concert with the leadsinger from danish band Figurines. I thought he'd peform his own pieces, and I think maybe the first two were, but otherwise he played coversongs of his own band - is it just me, or is that a bit strange? Anyways, I love his voice, and it was nice being out on a grey wednesday, having a few beers with a good friend.
(Tried experimenting with the pictures from yesterday. Don't really know if the result is good, but they were so dark otherwise. I am seriously dreaming about a nice, new digital camera. Otherwise I should have the analog ones I have fixed. Just one problem, either way - money.)
Today - yet another concert. My old piano-teacher playing in an accordeon-quartet. (2nd accordeon-concert within a week... what, why, how?!)

Love, Ida

P.s. Today was the first time I noticed the man in the tree... I've biked past it a hundred times. Strange that he's been sitting there, working all that while...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall and friends

Today has been spent researching and writing intern-applications (as the entire week has been spent), but I also had an old plan with good, old friends to see a bunch of Monty Pythons Flying Circus.
I just loooove Monty Python. I can watch their sketches and movies again and again, and I get a little crush on Michael Palin every time, hihi.
On my way to the MP-marathon, I passed this old shop that I've always loved, had to stop and take a picture. And then I saw, that my marketmittens (or whatever 'torvevanter' is called in english) had the same color as the fallen maple leaves. Made me want to go to Canada.
At my friends place, there were mattresses, blankets, tea, apples, cookies and a wonderful pumpkin soup, so we could really veg inside and cosy up. The perfect fall day. Except I was a bit stressed, and didn't stay till the end. But it was good.

Tomorrow I'll be having coffee with a friend, and I'm going to see accordeon-marvel-player Bjarke Mogensen play a free concert at a church. Me, in a church, on a sunday even?! What has the world come to.


Friday, October 22, 2010

More treasures from the basement

I found some cool books hidden away in boxes in my parents basement. I love the Knud Rasmussen book, and the pages are still uncut. Why didn't anybody read it?
But it'll be a while before I get through this bunch. Too much going on. And I have to finish 'Kafka on the Shore'.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, this is my cave these days. Try to make it as cosy and comfortable as possible.
The apples now are amazing - crisp and crunchy and sour and sweet. Yum! Snack on them and coffee to keep the energylevel high.
And them, ermm... a friend rang shortly after this photo was taken, and simply needed to spill her guts over a beer. That beer turned into several, so my heads a bit banged today. Sigh. But I keep at it.

One of todays song - the amazing Scott Walker. Love it.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lost & forgotten gem

Looky looky what I found in a box in my parents basement! Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Oh, I've wanted a pair like this for years. I have them as normal glasses, but not sunglasses. That was an unexpected bonus in all the debris and trash we had to sort through.

Today's been a long day with loads of info, and I'm exhausted, anxious but thankfully also inspired. Write write write... 


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Station To Station

I love that Berlin has such amazing public service transport. I've been using the tram, the bus, the u-bahn and the s-bahn.
The two latter have beautiful stations with colorful tiles. I didn't take pictures at every station, but I wish I had.
The second Potsdamer Platz is a little ss-ish in the typography, but I think it's bold in a city with a history like Berlin.

It's weekend, and I'm busy, and next week will be even more busy. It's the time of the season where students of journalism apply for internships, and it's NOT a pleasent thing... so. A bit of nerves at the time being. That's why it was soooo good for me to be in Berlin.

Oh, btw... I LOVE David Bowie. So... a little song of his. I stole the title to this blog, so it's only suitable, right? (My favorite albums, though, are his Berlin-trilogy (duh!), namely 'Low'...)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Bye bye Berlin


I came home to Copenhagen this morning... so these are the last of the Berlin pictures, except for one more blog I have planned.
These pictures are mostly about colors - the first pic is because I was awed by all the different colors of the trees and the blue building in the background.

I love the facade of the buildings. I don't know why, I adore when they're gritty and smouldering - I imagine all the stories the buildings can tell - about the families that's lived there, the generations, the parties, the arguments, the love and the dreaming - which dreams came true, which didn't... But there is a lot of renovation going on in Berlin, so facades like these are disappearing - I think it's good, in a way, but the melancholic romantic in me wants it to stay imperfect and frail. 

Lastly, I found the sweet, old car, standing partially in front of a turquoise building, almost the same color as the table where I had a waffle with powdered sugar. It was soooo tasty, and the three guys working at 'Glücklich am Park' were very nice to look at - maybe they didn't think that of me, because they forgot me, and I waited and waited for my waffle... so when I told them, they became so embarrased that they gave me extra coffee for free. Yay. So nice.

Oh, and a little bit of left-over summer on a windowsill.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I had a Frida Kahlo moment, as I was relaxing in the bath. Had to take a picture. (I need new nailpolish on my toenails...) If I could, I'd photoshop the Fernsehturm onto my picture, as a counterpart to Fridas Chrysler-building. Or is it the Empire State-building? Don't know. You get my grasp.

Oh, I love bathtubs, I have to restrain myself from not taking them ALL the time here in Berlin. It's been a long time since I felt so clean, which doesn't make any sense, because it's a little bit icky to soak in your own filth.
None the less, I adore it, and I've been listening to one of my favorite relaxing-albums, (you know, the kind of album that functions as a comforter - you just need to listen to it, and you instantly feel better/more relaxed/less stressed) Mike Pattons 'Mondo Cane', reading 'Kafka on the shore' by Murakami (my first Murakami encounter, and it won't be the last - so far) and drinking a bit of red wine. Oh, the decadence!

Today is wednesday, and friday I return to Copenhagen. I kinda miss my town, but Berlin is so big, and there is still so much I want to see. Mostly, I've just been drinking good coffee and walking around the city, discovering hidden gems - but there are MORE gems to be found, sparkling in the secret streets. Need to return soon... might take 6 months down here next year. Hmm...thinkthinkthink.


Monday, October 11, 2010

No Fire, No Glory

I found this wonderful little coffeeshop on Jessnerstraße in Friedrichshein called 'No Fire, No Glory'. Violent name for such a charming place. I like it! 
Look at that cookie - it was HUGE! Don't need lunch today. Phew + yum! I love the high stools. AND... they have free wi-fi. Told you I'd find another place. Allthough all places I've found, I experience that it is really unstable. Maybe we're too spoiled in Copenhagen?

Today the weater is grey - woke up to a misty morning. But I still like it here in Berlin. Goes well with the buildings, somehow. In a beautiful way.
On my way to the trainstation, I came across the little antilope. Never thought I'd see one of those in the city.

Todays soundtrack: Detektivbyrån. Swedish harmonica-glockenspiel-electronic-'Amelie'-ish music. Instrumental... gotta love that! It's not my favorite song of theirs, but the video is a sweet little DIY-project (by the looks of it), so that's why you're getting this.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Oh, I'm taking so many photos!
Berlin is wonderful. It's the most crisp and clean fall you can imagine. I sit on the balcony and write and ponder, or I walk and have aching feet when I return home late at night. Love it!
I try not to spend too much money, cause I don't have any, but the shops and coffee-hangouts, bars, concertplaces and museums are dragging me. But I need to work, and today I've been busy working on my webpage. Good girl.
Tomorrow I'll go out and have a few beers, hopefully talk with some locals, and sunday I'm going to a concert.
The worst thing about Berlin is that so few coffeeplaces have wi-fi. I needs it! But I know of three now, and I'll find another tomorrow I'm predicting.

OH. Love... so much love for this place.