Sunday, October 17, 2010

Station To Station

I love that Berlin has such amazing public service transport. I've been using the tram, the bus, the u-bahn and the s-bahn.
The two latter have beautiful stations with colorful tiles. I didn't take pictures at every station, but I wish I had.
The second Potsdamer Platz is a little ss-ish in the typography, but I think it's bold in a city with a history like Berlin.

It's weekend, and I'm busy, and next week will be even more busy. It's the time of the season where students of journalism apply for internships, and it's NOT a pleasent thing... so. A bit of nerves at the time being. That's why it was soooo good for me to be in Berlin.

Oh, btw... I LOVE David Bowie. So... a little song of his. I stole the title to this blog, so it's only suitable, right? (My favorite albums, though, are his Berlin-trilogy (duh!), namely 'Low'...)



  1. aah great. I'm going to berlin over new years eve, can't wait! good luck with the internships!

  2. Thank you so much! Keep your fingers crossed on november 3rd.
    I'd love to spend new years in Berlin, the city has the most embracing atmosphere. Can't wait to see all the beautiful pictures I'm sure you'll take.