Friday, October 8, 2010


Oh, I'm taking so many photos!
Berlin is wonderful. It's the most crisp and clean fall you can imagine. I sit on the balcony and write and ponder, or I walk and have aching feet when I return home late at night. Love it!
I try not to spend too much money, cause I don't have any, but the shops and coffee-hangouts, bars, concertplaces and museums are dragging me. But I need to work, and today I've been busy working on my webpage. Good girl.
Tomorrow I'll go out and have a few beers, hopefully talk with some locals, and sunday I'm going to a concert.
The worst thing about Berlin is that so few coffeeplaces have wi-fi. I needs it! But I know of three now, and I'll find another tomorrow I'm predicting.

OH. Love... so much love for this place.


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