Friday, October 15, 2010

Bye bye Berlin


I came home to Copenhagen this morning... so these are the last of the Berlin pictures, except for one more blog I have planned.
These pictures are mostly about colors - the first pic is because I was awed by all the different colors of the trees and the blue building in the background.

I love the facade of the buildings. I don't know why, I adore when they're gritty and smouldering - I imagine all the stories the buildings can tell - about the families that's lived there, the generations, the parties, the arguments, the love and the dreaming - which dreams came true, which didn't... But there is a lot of renovation going on in Berlin, so facades like these are disappearing - I think it's good, in a way, but the melancholic romantic in me wants it to stay imperfect and frail. 

Lastly, I found the sweet, old car, standing partially in front of a turquoise building, almost the same color as the table where I had a waffle with powdered sugar. It was soooo tasty, and the three guys working at 'Glücklich am Park' were very nice to look at - maybe they didn't think that of me, because they forgot me, and I waited and waited for my waffle... so when I told them, they became so embarrased that they gave me extra coffee for free. Yay. So nice.

Oh, and a little bit of left-over summer on a windowsill.


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