Monday, October 11, 2010

No Fire, No Glory

I found this wonderful little coffeeshop on Jessnerstraße in Friedrichshein called 'No Fire, No Glory'. Violent name for such a charming place. I like it! 
Look at that cookie - it was HUGE! Don't need lunch today. Phew + yum! I love the high stools. AND... they have free wi-fi. Told you I'd find another place. Allthough all places I've found, I experience that it is really unstable. Maybe we're too spoiled in Copenhagen?

Today the weater is grey - woke up to a misty morning. But I still like it here in Berlin. Goes well with the buildings, somehow. In a beautiful way.
On my way to the trainstation, I came across the little antilope. Never thought I'd see one of those in the city.

Todays soundtrack: Detektivbyrån. Swedish harmonica-glockenspiel-electronic-'Amelie'-ish music. Instrumental... gotta love that! It's not my favorite song of theirs, but the video is a sweet little DIY-project (by the looks of it), so that's why you're getting this.

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