Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's my decision

Hmm... a bit hard to see what this letter says, but it's good, potentially lifesaving. Last week I finally registered officially as a donor, and this is the letter that confirms it.
When I die they can have it all - if it's any use.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Exit Through The Giftshop

I saw the very funny and interesting documentary 'Exit Through The Giftshop' today. Generally speaking a movie about street-art, but then it gets complicated. I won't reveal too much, but it's a movie edited by Banksy about the videodirector who's making a documentary about Banksy... makes sense? Well, see it, it's so great, and visualizes 'hype' in a really revealing way.


It was a pretty spontanious idea to see it, so getting home and googling it, I found this interesting theory - that Banksy in reality is the moviedirector Thierra Guetta. Or that Thierry is a fictional character created by Banksy. Funny no matter what. 

But no mention of Banksy without some Banksy art...
There is always hope


Monday, May 23, 2011

Unfolding the standards of the dreams

Michael Strunge
1958 - 1986
"Now I can fly"

Those are the alleged last words of danish poet Michael Strunge. 
I pass that little sign every day. 
I don't read his poems any more, but he used to mean a lot to me. I would sit in my teen bedroom, listening to troubled music, reading troubled writings by troubled heroes and expose my troubled young heart in poor, but troubled, poetry in my treasured little black china-book. I'd have candlelights. I'd smoke out of the window. Sometimes I'd sneek into the kitchen when everybody else had gone to bed and pour myself some red wine. I'd ache. 

I miss those private, secret hours, looking out into the black forestnight. But I don't miss the chaos inside of me. 

I've made a meek translation of one of his poems:

Armed with these
the words of the wings
I stand
ready to float.

I dive out
from the crystaltower
and I stretch myself out
over the horizon
with the brain in the heart of the world.

Through darkness, through light
Through glowing cities at night.
Through dreams, through emotions
Through sensing scenery in now - 
through the day and night my flight goes on
through the clock, through the sight. 

(To read it in danish, click here.) 

He was such a handsome man. He was only - the infamous - 27 years old when he jumped out of the window of the building, that I pass every day on my bike...


P.s. The post-title is one of Michaels titles. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunset + Animal

Last night I biked while the sun was setting.
Apparently, Copenhagen's been visited by Animal... must be the one from The Muppets Show, right? Seems like the type of character who'd tag his name on an old bridge.
Here he is in action, giving the last magical touch to a nice rendition of Habanera from Bizets 'Carmen'. 

Hope you had a great weekend.


Thursday, May 19, 2011


At 00.01 am today I saw Lars von Triers new movie 'Melancholia'.
I got seasick from watching it(!), but other than that, I though it was a good movie. Not amazingly von Trier-esque, but good, beautiful and thoughtprovoking. Definatly a different sort of apocalyptic story - refreshing.

I'm really tired today, but by sheer luck I had to drink coffee for two hours due to something workrelated. Not amazing coffee, but it's kept me going - until now. Yawn! I'm gonna make me some tea, slize up some pineapple and cosy up with a movie that I can fall asleep to. Tomorrow is a national holiday in Denmark - yay! (But still, I have to make an interview at 10.15 am...)

The music in 'Melancholia' is the prelude from Wagners 'Tristan and Isolde'. I don't like opera, but I adore Wagners music when there's no singing. It's so powerful. The way the music is used in the movie is quite hardcore.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gasoline for mind and body

Not that long ago, I almost always skipped breakfast.
What a bad idea... it made me crave sugar in a terrible way. Don't know why I didn't bother, since it only takes a minute to arrange some fresh fruit, tea and wholegrain crispbread with danish blue cheese.
Then I'm good to go for many hours, writing about boats and dogs and food and what not.


P.s. This post made me think of a Flaming Lips song: She don't use jelly
(I've never seen this video before, and can't stop laughing about Wayne Coyne with red hair!)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lilac love

I adore lilacs. Their fragrance always gives me chills just from happiness.


Bright & Shiny Balcony (again)

So - blogger decided to delete my balconypost.

Summa summarum: I cleaned my balcony and bought new windowboxes and flowers to put in them. The overall look is very girly, but I'd rather have lots of colors than none at all.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A day of celebration

I'm taking a few holidays this week, and the weather has been wonderful. So I had the morning of, which was perfect - I could celebrate the birthdaychild Nina. We had breakfast at our favourite coffeedealer 'Kaffebar'. 

The main reason why I've taken some days off, is that tonight is a big night - the night where my operasinging friend Denise debuts from soloist class at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. As you might know, I've made a lot of moviesnippets for tonights show, so I debut as a 'moviedesigner', as Denise insists I'm credited in tonights programme. Interesting. Last night we had general rehearsel, and she looked and sounded sooo amazing. 

If you're interested in more about Denise, check out our vlog (in danish, sorry): 


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breakfast of pianists

I didn't have time for breakfast this morning, because my evil pianoteacher scheduled a lesson at 12 a.m. - on a sunday?! Oh, the humanity.
It was awesome though. I got too much praise, and I can't take it - I wanna drop everything and focus on the piano... and that's a baaaad idea. I mean, I've been there, and it didn't work.
So I'll continue to be a good little journalist-intern - and I love that - and squeeze in some practicetime and lessons when possible.

So. Drinking my coffee from the mini-french press - lookit! Just enough for two wolfcups. Perfect.
Now I'm going to be practical for a while: throw stuff out, wash my dirty clothes all the while dancing to Sufjan Stevens, and then go find some sun with my friend Lene - shouldn't be that hard on this beautiful day.

Hope you've had a great weekend.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4th

On the evening of May 4th 1945, Denmark was liberated from the germans by the allies and the russians. As a celebration people tore down the blackout curtains that had darkened their homes and hearts for five years, and they put candles in the windows.

Now it's become a tradition to do so every year on that night.
It might just be my favorite tradition because it's a symbol of freedom, perseverance and hope.



I'm sick today - but in a way quite happy... Maybe it's because of this picture I took the other day.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Sufjan the starperson

Sufjan Stevens last night was two-and-a-half hours of crazy, moving space-jam - or as he himself said 'funky dance freak-out'. Not much of that folky americana, but he actually warned us about that at the beginning of the concert - it was a blast, and not at all what I expected, in a good way. What a talented bunch of musicians. 
He talked a lot during the numbers, and at a moment it sort of lost momentum, but it didn't matter, because he was so sincere and endearing, and had something interesting to share with us. I really enjoyed dancing to his neoncolored show. 

What can I say? We are all starpeople.