Thursday, May 19, 2011


At 00.01 am today I saw Lars von Triers new movie 'Melancholia'.
I got seasick from watching it(!), but other than that, I though it was a good movie. Not amazingly von Trier-esque, but good, beautiful and thoughtprovoking. Definatly a different sort of apocalyptic story - refreshing.

I'm really tired today, but by sheer luck I had to drink coffee for two hours due to something workrelated. Not amazing coffee, but it's kept me going - until now. Yawn! I'm gonna make me some tea, slize up some pineapple and cosy up with a movie that I can fall asleep to. Tomorrow is a national holiday in Denmark - yay! (But still, I have to make an interview at 10.15 am...)

The music in 'Melancholia' is the prelude from Wagners 'Tristan and Isolde'. I don't like opera, but I adore Wagners music when there's no singing. It's so powerful. The way the music is used in the movie is quite hardcore.



  1. dét nummer, er fuldstændigt fantastisk! høre det på repeat nu :)

  2. Er meget enig. Og gør selv det samme :)
    P.s. din nye blog er fin!