Monday, February 28, 2011

History revealed

It's not only arcaic words that are being revealed these days. Also posters of such epic movies as 'There's Something About Mary' and last but not least 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' see the light of day. 
Those films premiered in 1998... does that make them classics? 


Sunday, February 27, 2011


I spent nearly 5 hours at Koncerthuset today... bit of a surprise it lasting that long, though.
They held the finale of a chambermusic-competition, and I thought 'hey, why not go'? So I did. It was fine - the right ensemble won, in my (humble) opinion. Two accordionist called MYTHOS - pretty cool guys. (Me and that accordionmusic - yes, Bjarke Mogensen was half of the duo today.)

The first picture is from earlier this month, at my "regular" seat - behind the orchestra.
The other is me keeping it real, being a bit rebellious in the posh building (ha... as if) - and finally the duo celebrating their victory; and a big pile of money - 100.000 dkr. to be exact. Nice.

What would you do with that kind of money?
I'd buy a piano and I'd travel to Asia and maybe New York.


The Trees Are Gone...

We have many parks in Copenhagen, but overall, it's not a very green city, which is a shame. 
It hurt me yesterday, when I saw they had cut down all trees but one at Kultorvet. Maybe it's part of the renovation of the street Købmagergade - but still, why cut down healthy, beautiful trees? I hope the reason is, that they had a disease - can anyone tell me if that is the case? 


Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's underneath...

They've stripped off some signs on a building at Nørrebrogade. I love this. Old signs and letterings become visible. These say damekonfektion and cigarer, which translates 'ready-to-wear for women' and 'cigars'. Konfektion is a very oldfashioned word, and cigars - I mean, who smokes those nowadays? People smoke cigarettes, not cigars. Those words are artefacts.
I wish I had a timemachine, so I could travel back and see how it used to be in those days. Just for a short visit.


Friday, February 25, 2011

The Coffee Milkfoam Experiment

Wouldn't the blogtitle be a great name for a band? No, not really, haha!

The amazing coffeemaker at work. I've youtubed latte tutorials, but the images in the milkfoam are still lacking some... substanse. But they're very abstract and up for interpretation.

All but the first picture is taken with the great iPhone (or whatever smartphone you have) app instagram, that the sweet Anne Kristine, with the amazing blog 11.54, got me to notice.
My username is Idabidabum, so you can follow me - some of the pictures don't get on the blog, so it's a bit more Ida-love. Or, I've connected it to Twitter, so you can follow me there, if you like - I'm also Idabidabum there.

Hope you have good things planned for the weekend! I have.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

My moms hidden talents

What seems like ages ago, I bought a crocheting-needle and some cute yarn when I was in Sweden with my funny friend Louise. Remember? 
I never got the hang of crocheting, but one day I was home at my parents, cussing and cursing at the damned thing, and my mom took an interest. Oh yeah, she'd crocheted some when she was an adolescent. So I gave her the needle and the yarn and forgot all about it. Until I got these wristwarmers for my birthday. Pretty good for someone who hasn't crocheted in 40 years!
Now she's totally hooked on crocheting - and knitting, too. She's making socks and what not. Yay. More homemade goodness for me coming up!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Harbinger of Spring

My friend gave birth to a beautiful little babygirl 20 hours ago.
I took of work early and spent nearly three hours with them, craddling and cooing at the little life.

The mother was so calm and radiating with happiness and love; the daddy was proud and witty and caring - and little Elin was a sweet, cute and decisive little lady. I love her so much allready.

So even if it's technically still winter, and Denmark has been covered with snow today, I call her a little harbinger of spring.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A shadow skyline... the weather is so cold these days, but the sky is amazingly blue and crisp.


Monday, February 21, 2011


My sense of aestetics is in love with this ravaged neon-sign and crumbling facade.

Locks are such a sweet symbol of something that can turn out quite painfull...


Sunday, February 20, 2011


My dear friend Lene has just returned from a trip to Japan. She had an amazing trip, and I'm very jealous - Japan is my no. 1 dreamdestination.
Lucky me, she brought back pressies!
A darling teacup in faint spring yellow, with delicate blue flowers. And then plumwine... in a tiny testtube-thingy - with what we agreed looked like a mousebrain. Yum.
We decided on a plan:  I'll make homemade sushi soon, and then we'll crack open the braincontained wine. Yay!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

House of poetry + sisterlove

This looks like last month - me working on the computer at a café.
It's saturday - and I'm working at a café! The House of Poetry close to where I live. I really like the inside of this two-floor café/library/venue. Every thing is white and light blue/light green/light purple. It sounds too sweet, but it works. Like the little porcelainlady painted babyblue. Or the crystallamp painted light purple.
I have a nice view - the castle Rosenborg in Kings Garden.

Saturday is nice. Weekend is nice. I was really beat yesterday - I haven't been so tired since I started working. So it was a quiet friday night for me, I didn't actually want it to be, but it was good to finally sleep more than 6 hours. I feel rested, the sun is shining, I stacked up on tea and treated myself to some liqourise-chocolatecovered almonds from Summerbird, that my friend Louise has tought me to love. Damn her!

Now I've drunk my coffee, and I'm going to dinner at my parents. And on that note, read this sweet and true story:
My mom turns 60 today (really?! My little, sweet girlish mom? Unbelieveable), and she got a very special present. This morning, my moms older sister rang their doorbell - she'd come as a surprise. The grand surprise being: that she lives in Canada!!! She took the flight all the way from Ottawa, Canada to Hoersholm, Denmark, because her little sister, (who doesn't want any attention, not even on her birthday) turned 60. Makes me cry a little - so much love and affection. Family can be such a great thing. 

Must buy crisp and colorful tulips for my mom.


Friday, February 18, 2011

To me, from me

I went to my parents this sunday, and had to wait for my brother when I arrived at the trainstation... luckily there was a fleamarket, as there always is on sundays - which I keep forgetting - and I spotted this metallic teapot-thingy. I was expecting it to be a bit pricy, but I was happily mistaken - 10 kr! Approximatly 1,5€ or 2$. Score!

A birthday present to myself from myself - with another gift from me to me - white tulips. Today it snowed, but I'm in a spring-kinda mood. This is perfect.


If I should open a shop...

...I'd like to take over this facility.
I love the wallpaper insanely!
The tiles, the lamps, the stairs and the little sink as well. It's the perfect room for a little creative shop.
It's right beneath my friend's appartment - she's been living there maybe a year, more/less, don't really recall, but this room, with the most splendid wallpaper ever, has been empty all that time...

Makes me dream independent dreams...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Magic Mirror

You know I'm a geek, right?

The secondbest present I got for my birthday was the book 'Troldspejlet' which means 'The Magic Mirror', after the mirror the wicked stepmom looks in in Snow White. It's about a tv-programme, and more importantly, it's host.
The more than 20 years old program has been steadily guided by Jakob Stegelmann. With his kind face and endearing voice he's led viewers through the jungle of cartoons, movies, books and computergames that speak to the child (in us all?). Fantasy, Science Fiction, Disney, anime and all that jazz.
The cool journalist Brian Iskov (whose blog I recommend all danish readers, who enjoy film, to read) wrote the book. So two major influences in one geekbook. What more could you wish for? Oh yeah - I want Jakob Stegelmann to be my mentor and I his padawan. I mean - he's been at Skywalker Ranch, chilling with George Lucas!

The best present I got: a concert ticket. To see on of my top two favorite pianist, and at a really small and intimate venue. SO ecxiting! On March 28th I'll get to experience Leif Ove Andsnes. Can't wait, since I haven't heard him live before.
I saw my other favorite pianist years ago - Krystian Zimerman. And it was A M A Z I N G! Oh...

This is possibly my favorite piece for piano, played by Leif Ove.
Clair de Lune by Debussy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Salut Dreams

Every day on my way to work, I pass an autoshop that has this old beauty just waiting to get painted and pretty again.
I'm usually not a carperson, but I have a thing for old american cars - this one reminded of the one on the cover of my favorite book, Jack Kerouacs 'On The Road'.

I wanna take a roadtrip in the states right now... following in the footsteps of Sal Paradise has always appealed to me.
Inside the cover was a few treasures.
1. The receipt from when I bought the book (April 25th 2002)
2. A newspaper cut-out of a wolf - the picture won a world press award, if I recall.
3. A postcard from my friend, when she was in Paris. Salut Paris - salut dreams...



I ain't got the power anymore. 

Don't believe in yourself 
Don't deceive with belief 
Knowledge comes with death's release 

David Bowies 'Quicksand' is a favorite. I can't help thinking about it today...

David on his 50th birthday, playing a great version of Quicksand with The Cures Robert Smith.

And "just" the version from 'Hunky Dory'.


Friday, February 11, 2011


More mail today - but not as surprising, seeing it being my b-day and all. But still amazing and wonderful!
I got cards from my mom and my grandmom.

My mormor wrote this:
A rosebud to a beloved and lovely birthdaychild
From a withered old dandelion. 

It's so sweet. I'm blessed to have a mormor like her.

It's been a long day, but in a minute, I'll put on a fresh dress, new makeup, go have dinner with 8 fun friends and later drink with even more friends and be silly, loud and merry all night! The perfect way to celebrate a birthday. I'm so lucky!