Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Magic Mirror

You know I'm a geek, right?

The secondbest present I got for my birthday was the book 'Troldspejlet' which means 'The Magic Mirror', after the mirror the wicked stepmom looks in in Snow White. It's about a tv-programme, and more importantly, it's host.
The more than 20 years old program has been steadily guided by Jakob Stegelmann. With his kind face and endearing voice he's led viewers through the jungle of cartoons, movies, books and computergames that speak to the child (in us all?). Fantasy, Science Fiction, Disney, anime and all that jazz.
The cool journalist Brian Iskov (whose blog I recommend all danish readers, who enjoy film, to read) wrote the book. So two major influences in one geekbook. What more could you wish for? Oh yeah - I want Jakob Stegelmann to be my mentor and I his padawan. I mean - he's been at Skywalker Ranch, chilling with George Lucas!

The best present I got: a concert ticket. To see on of my top two favorite pianist, and at a really small and intimate venue. SO ecxiting! On March 28th I'll get to experience Leif Ove Andsnes. Can't wait, since I haven't heard him live before.
I saw my other favorite pianist years ago - Krystian Zimerman. And it was A M A Z I N G! Oh...

This is possibly my favorite piece for piano, played by Leif Ove.
Clair de Lune by Debussy.


  1. troldspejlet er en af de rigtigt gode grunde til at betale licens! :D

  2. Uha, nu er jeg jo af den opfattelse, at licens burde betales via skat... men Jakob Stegelmann er fantastisk, come sortseere eller come shine.

  3. ja, det ville også passe mig fint at betale licensen på den facon!