Saturday, February 19, 2011

House of poetry + sisterlove

This looks like last month - me working on the computer at a café.
It's saturday - and I'm working at a café! The House of Poetry close to where I live. I really like the inside of this two-floor café/library/venue. Every thing is white and light blue/light green/light purple. It sounds too sweet, but it works. Like the little porcelainlady painted babyblue. Or the crystallamp painted light purple.
I have a nice view - the castle Rosenborg in Kings Garden.

Saturday is nice. Weekend is nice. I was really beat yesterday - I haven't been so tired since I started working. So it was a quiet friday night for me, I didn't actually want it to be, but it was good to finally sleep more than 6 hours. I feel rested, the sun is shining, I stacked up on tea and treated myself to some liqourise-chocolatecovered almonds from Summerbird, that my friend Louise has tought me to love. Damn her!

Now I've drunk my coffee, and I'm going to dinner at my parents. And on that note, read this sweet and true story:
My mom turns 60 today (really?! My little, sweet girlish mom? Unbelieveable), and she got a very special present. This morning, my moms older sister rang their doorbell - she'd come as a surprise. The grand surprise being: that she lives in Canada!!! She took the flight all the way from Ottawa, Canada to Hoersholm, Denmark, because her little sister, (who doesn't want any attention, not even on her birthday) turned 60. Makes me cry a little - so much love and affection. Family can be such a great thing. 

Must buy crisp and colorful tulips for my mom.



  1. De mandler er roden til alt ondt...eller i hvert fald en utrolig ringe privatøkonomi.

    Giv mig dem.

  2. Jeg HAR. SPIST dem. Alle sammen. På næsten samme tid. Og det var bare lækkert - men der må gerne være mere salmiakpulver på. Mmmmums.

  3. Tillykke til din mor. Hun er så helt, helt helt præcis 8 år yngre end min far, der også var lørdagsfødselar.

  4. Ih, tillykke med din far i lørdags. Håber han blev fejret godt!