Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Besides learning the trade of journalism, they have an amazing coffeemaker at my new workplace, so on top of everything I'm slowly becoming an amateur barista.
This latte isn't perfect, but give me a few days or weeks and I'll produce some flowers, hearts and whatnot in the milkfoam.

My workcomputer. Stationary. PC. But it feels grownup...

After work I went to a friends house. She made hot cocoa with chili and cinnamon, and topped it off with whipped cream and marshmellows imported home from the states. Decadent and delicious. We had dinner and a mutual friend came over for coffee.
Don't know why I have all this energy. I'm sooooo tired now that I'm home - but probably won't be ably to sleep anyways.

I feel bad about neglectings things - like this blog. And facebook. Silly me.



  1. Mmm, warm kakao og marshmellows er en fantastisk opfindelse!

  2. Jeg synes som regel, varm kakao er lidt kvalmt. Men det har var som at drikke sommerlune kram. Mums!