Thursday, February 24, 2011

My moms hidden talents

What seems like ages ago, I bought a crocheting-needle and some cute yarn when I was in Sweden with my funny friend Louise. Remember? 
I never got the hang of crocheting, but one day I was home at my parents, cussing and cursing at the damned thing, and my mom took an interest. Oh yeah, she'd crocheted some when she was an adolescent. So I gave her the needle and the yarn and forgot all about it. Until I got these wristwarmers for my birthday. Pretty good for someone who hasn't crocheted in 40 years!
Now she's totally hooked on crocheting - and knitting, too. She's making socks and what not. Yay. More homemade goodness for me coming up!



  1. hækleri er det bedste! Man kan lave alt!

  2. Ej, det er altså meget nemmere at strikke!