Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall and friends

Today has been spent researching and writing intern-applications (as the entire week has been spent), but I also had an old plan with good, old friends to see a bunch of Monty Pythons Flying Circus.
I just loooove Monty Python. I can watch their sketches and movies again and again, and I get a little crush on Michael Palin every time, hihi.
On my way to the MP-marathon, I passed this old shop that I've always loved, had to stop and take a picture. And then I saw, that my marketmittens (or whatever 'torvevanter' is called in english) had the same color as the fallen maple leaves. Made me want to go to Canada.
At my friends place, there were mattresses, blankets, tea, apples, cookies and a wonderful pumpkin soup, so we could really veg inside and cosy up. The perfect fall day. Except I was a bit stressed, and didn't stay till the end. But it was good.

Tomorrow I'll be having coffee with a friend, and I'm going to see accordeon-marvel-player Bjarke Mogensen play a free concert at a church. Me, in a church, on a sunday even?! What has the world come to.


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