Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flying leaves

I came across this beautiful but poor tree today. It had lost nearly all it's golden leaves, but they stayed close by.
Not like yesterday - a lot of leaves were blowing in the wind, as I was traipsing through the city. It looked like they were leaving the "nest", searching for an adventure. It sure was windy, they never fell to the ground.

I had dinner with a friend at Soupanatural, eating delicious Dahl-soup. She had a glass of algae-juice. It was dark green, which might be hard to tell from the picture, but it came with festive paper-straws. It tasted better than it looked, but it'll never be my favorite cup'o'tea...
We heard an intimate concert with the leadsinger from danish band Figurines. I thought he'd peform his own pieces, and I think maybe the first two were, but otherwise he played coversongs of his own band - is it just me, or is that a bit strange? Anyways, I love his voice, and it was nice being out on a grey wednesday, having a few beers with a good friend.
(Tried experimenting with the pictures from yesterday. Don't really know if the result is good, but they were so dark otherwise. I am seriously dreaming about a nice, new digital camera. Otherwise I should have the analog ones I have fixed. Just one problem, either way - money.)
Today - yet another concert. My old piano-teacher playing in an accordeon-quartet. (2nd accordeon-concert within a week... what, why, how?!)

Love, Ida

P.s. Today was the first time I noticed the man in the tree... I've biked past it a hundred times. Strange that he's been sitting there, working all that while...

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