Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hint of italy on the go

I made a quick visit to my parents today. My grandmother turned 96 on thursday, so I needed to give her a hug.
While I waited for the train, I bought an italian biological lemon-soda. It was so good, and by coinsidence, I was listening to my favorite artist, Mike Patton, singing italian songs from 50ies movies and television-series. Pure italian bliss. I need to go there sometime, I've never been to Italy.

If there was one artist I could choose to work with, it would be Patton. Master of versatility - and probably batcrazy!

Tonight I'm going to see another great inspiration: Sufjan Stevens. Yay!
Hope you've had a great weekend.


Senza Fine, my fave off of Mondo Cane

And some Sufjan for y'all.


  1. oh wow, i saw sufjan here a few months ago and was blown away. i'm sure you will be too!

  2. It really was! He and the band was so good. He talked alot during the numbers, and at a point, it sort of lost momentum, but he was sweet and honest and interesting, so I didn't mind - and in the end, it turned into a party. My legs are busted today!