Thursday, September 30, 2010

Concert & Compliment

I've had so many different plans for tonight, but all of them got cancelled. Instead of sitting at home, I decided to go to a classical concert in Koncerthuset, where a really good pianist played Gershwins piano concerto.
Outside of my door, I found this out-of-place clamshell with a nice mother-of-pearl shine. Wonder how it got there? Did a seagull drop it? After all, the ocean is so close to my appartment that I can smell it in the early mornings.
I took some nice sunset-photos of the award-winning Tietgen-dormatory, which is next to the concerthall.

The concert... I couldn't hear the piano! Ok, I sat in the cheap rows, behind the orchestra, but still... horrible. I've never experienced that before. The orchestra didn't play together, the conductor seemed stressed, but I heard from a friend (and it's a BIG secret, so don't tell anyone), that they barely had any rehearsel together. Still, I'm upset - it's a professionel orchestra after all. Worst classical experience EVER. So it was nice that same friend gave me the sweetest compliment I've ever recieved. I can't even tell it here, I'd be too ashamed. But it had to do with a famous woman she thought I look like. (I hadn't seen this friend in almost 7 years, so that's why she noticed. Or whatever.)


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