Friday, September 24, 2010

No. 1

First entry.
I've long thought about making a blog. And now seems the perfect time. With too many thoughts in my head and not enought time on my hands.
This blog will be about music, food, clothes, my home, my travels, my walks. Thoughts, but I will try not to make it too gloomy. I will try to revel in the beauty of everyday life. Maybe I'll start to make small videos. Anything can happen.

I play in a band called SPEkTR. It is my greatest love - I cannot believe that I play in the greatest band. I really do love our music so much, and I'm challenged by it and recieve so much, allthough it's a struggle.
Last tuesday we were invited to play at a release-party for the all-girl-beauty-trio Giana Factory. We were to play a cover of one of their songs, called 'Change Of Heart'. Loads of copenhipsters were there, quite a laugh. I'm not a big fan of their music, to be honest, but they do have a certain something. They could really make it big.
What I do love of theirs, though, is their artwork. I think it's gorgeous! Delicate, blurry landscapes, stars and soft colors.

Their EP 'Bloody Game'

Their debut-album 'Save The Youth'

And the girls themselves.

I got their debut on vinyl, thinking of nailing it to the wall...?


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