Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harbo Bar

I love my appartment, but since I work freelance at the moment, I try to get out as much as possible. Plus, I don't have internet at my place. (Yeah, I know... don't ask.)
As a result, I frequent a lot of coffeeplaces. I live smack-middle in the city - but for some reason, there are no good coffee-hangouts, so I go to Nørrebro or sometimes Vesterbro in the pursuit of decent coffee and a homely environment.
One of my regular spots, (where I'm sitting now as I type), is Harbo Bar in Blågårdsgade. Good coffee, and I got my favorite spot this grey sunday, sitting at the windowsill, overlooking the street and all the colorful people walking there.
I sit here for hours on end, writing, editing video, chatting and procrastinating.
It's expensive in coffe, but priceless in visual entertainment.


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