Friday, January 21, 2011

A beautiful building

My main errand yesterday was returning some sheetmusic to The Royal Academy of Music, where my singing friend attends classes.
It is such a beautiful building, and there are so many details that I swoon over, inside as well as outside.

It used to be where the National Radio was, and the concerthall - but they moved to bigger facilities a few years ago. Then the conservatory could take over this building and finally have a decent place for debutconcerts, masterclasses and such. I'm going to be there a lot in May, so I plan to take more pictures of the inside then.

I was - once again - at the Concerthall last night (I need to take some pictures there soon... the outside aestetics can be discussed, but inside it's marvelous. The musichall itself is stunning!)
The worldrenowned violinist Gidon Kremer played - but I don't know violinmusic that well, can't tell if he is the best, as some call him.
But the conductor Kristjan Järvi was special. Especially the first piece by Arvo Pärt, where he conducted without baton (the little stick). He was so organic and fluid, using his entire body, and it looked like he did Tai Chi. I loved looking at him.
You don't get a bigger viewer, because it's all black, but do yourself a favor and listen to it. 


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