Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the nick of time

Just as I was about to click on the orange 'post'-button, a friend called me, upset and frustrated about her assignment. And I aired frustation as well, having been bedridden for 2 days which meant too much time to think about... certain things.
I told her about the post I had just written, and she was like: 'No. Don't do it, you'll regret it later. Come here and have coffee and talk instead.'
And I knew she was right; the post was too private to be shared on this blog.
So even if I am sick, I jumped in the shower and hailed a cab, and we talked for 4 hours. She made sure I had something to eat, and we both made each other feel better. Friends. The most important thing in life.

I felt so good that I decided some fresh air would do me more good, and I walked home.

The neonsigns will be a reoccuring image on this blog, I can tell you now. I love them - and the lakes.
The two latter are of the National Gallery of Denmark that I happen to live very, VERY close by. It's situated right by the park Østre Anlæg, and I like to walk by the museum... It's a beautiful building.
But wanna know the ugly truth? I.haven'! Not once in the 7 years that it's practically been my neighbour. I'm so ashamed - because I actually want to. Don't know why I don't it?


P.s. The post that was never posted? I'll keep it as a draft - just as a reminder.


  1. really?! i was constantly there when i lived in denmark. they have some fantastic pieces, you should definitely do it!

    i'm glad you're feeling better now :) x

  2. Thank you so much, Steph :)

    And yeah, isn't it the stupidest thing? Not that I'm the type that overrun museums, but I regularly visit Louisiana and Gl. Strand, so... don't know. Can't put a finger on it, it just - never occurs to me to go there, unless I pass it on my way to something else, (which I do every day), or on my nightly walks, when the place is closed...

    That will be another new years resolution - must go to the National Gallery!