Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Handsome Man

I love David Bowie. If you've read this blog for a while, you probably know that.
I think he's so handsome... I liked the way his teeth made his mouth pout a little - but he's had them re-made. Such a shame. And the blue and brown eye?! Fascinating!

I like my vinyls... as a child, I had hours of fun playing albums on speed 45 and not 33 as you're supposed to. I looked at the album covers and made stories about the faces and pictures.

Just a small spread of my Bowie-collection. To be exact, these are the ones I've listened to today... right now I'm listening to Hunky Dory - the album that made me a fan... for life, it would seem. It's been going on for nearly 15 years now. I always return to David sooner or later.

Once I nearly got to meet him. As a blushing & quivering 21-year old, I got through on national radio and competed against a much older dude about who knew most about Bowie. I lost with one point... due to a panic-black out, I might add.


P.s. You get the 'Life on Mars?' video... although it's horrible. But I reckon it must have been quite special back in the days.

Odd... I wanted this post to appear later today. Hmm blogspot. Well, 2-for-1 it would seem. 

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