Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I stole something!

I stole a list. From a fellow blogger - Spirrevip. I find it quite sweet. 
I translated it for you english readers out there - I know there's quite a few of you. Please drop a word any time. I'd love to hear from you. Maybe you could fill out the list too, and put it as a comment or on your blog, if you have one? Just a thought. 

My best friend is my dreams and my best people. Can't choose one of many great.
When I brush my teeth I often dance to music.
When I'm cooking I'm in love with my home.
I'm (a little) afraid of burning bridges.
The worst feeling is when grand emotions and love is not returned.
The best feeling is being on stage with SPEkTR – nothing is ever as good.
I'm best at writing.
I'm bad at motivating myself.
I listen to soundtracks when I need to immerse myself in writing.
I talk before I think, and I shouldn't do that.
I like warm eyes that smiles.
Love is when there is no need for words.
This summer I learned new things about myself.
The last time I cried was in frustration over situations I can't control. Whoops, that's a lie. This girl, who so seldomly cries, cried a little today because I had such a pain in one of my ears. Ouch.
When I want to think I go to the water. Either the lakes or Langelinie and preferably with music in my ears.
When I'm baking it's because everything's in order in my home.
Right now I'm thinking about the future.
Today I realised, that I'm doing okay - and that I have really come to love walking, just to walk and experience and absorb impulses with a maelstroem of thoughts in my head.
Tonight I'm going to eat sour bloodoranges, drink tea, watch a movie and read, both book and good words from lovely people I know.
Tomorrow I'm going to Valby, where the first bandpractise of the year will take place. And I'm not going to have an aching ear! I'm not!
My cellphone is my camera and my musicplayer and my lifeline.
When I wake in the morning I turn over and snooze away.
If I was an animal I'd be a wolf in Canada. 

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