Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great day

Yesterday was a great day! It was really busy, but it all fit together like peas in a pod. I wrote two articles at work, I had an awesome second pianolesson, where my teacher applauded my progress, and after that I went to the Leif Ove-concert, which I wrote about yesterday.
I even had time to stop and photograph the dimming of the day at 'Langebro', complete with little, big 'Nessie'-like creature falling off the erected bridge.
My Copenhagen - my love.



  1. Honestly, the way you capture the light is exactly what I love and miss about Denmark. It's so special and so unique, I'm so glad that you don't take it for granted!! So lovely.

  2. What a wonderful comment, thank you so much, Steph.
    Well, beautiful skies like that demands my attention and admiration.

  3. That sign is fantastic! I've taken on a new hobby of photographing street and road signs (which are always more fun when somebody has drawn on them!) Lovely photography- Copenhagen is such a dream city...

  4. Road signs can be such a blast. I think this one is really sweet and funny.
    And yeah - I think it's pretty dreamy here too :)