Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Old love revisited

I absolutely do not have time for it - but I couldn't help myself!
Yesterday I had my first pianolesson in 3 years. It felt soooo good. I contacted my old teacher (who I last had a lesson with 7 years ago), and it felt just like old times, and was fun and exciting. I can't wait to become a better pianist again.

So even less time to blog - but my love for the piano and the need to express myself through classical is greater than my love of blogging. But I'll have time for both. Just don't have that much to blog about these days, since all my time is spent working.

My pianoteacher and I had a laugh, especially when he sincerely, but teasing at the same time, said I should play Chopins Revolutionary Etude...
It's easier than it sounds. But then again, it sounds really difficult. But I'm all in.



  1. uh, du er sej du er gået i gang igen!! Noder er simpelthen så fine! Jeg havde helt glemt det!

  2. Tak! Det føles bare rigtig godt. Jeg har savnet det så enormt meget. Så håber jeg, at tiden vil være til at øve - lysten er der ;)