Thursday, March 3, 2011

More treats!

Hmm, I may be going a bit overboard with treating myself to something good everyday these days. Cupcake yet again, this one a red velvet with tuttifrutti springles! Yum yum. 
I spend some of the day at a conference, but my colleague and I decided pretty early that it didn't have any relevance for us (and no, we were not 'cutting class'!), so at 2.30 pm, I had the day off! Yay.
I had some time to go shopping (I'll show you my new dress and new cup soon), and to top it off, I got a phonecall from coffeethirsting friendneeding friend - hence the coffee and cupcake picture. It was good.

After that, I had a concert at Koncerthuset, and I've been looking forward for weeks now to hear Beethovens famous 5th symphony. It was really good. But honestly? It kinda faded in comparison with what came before it... a piece by Osvaldo Golijov, a temporary composer, whose piece 'Azul' was played. Amazing! Beautiful, delicate melodies for solo-cello - nightmurmurs and heartbeats, and then - percussion! Exotic, wild birds and addictive flavours. It was so thrilling! I actually cried out in joy and amazement at a time - which you're "not allowed to" in a classic musichall. 
I had the coolest seat at this concert - right behind the conductor. And I didn't even plan it that way.

Some more pictures from the beautiful house. 


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