Monday, April 25, 2011


Last year at the CPH:PIX filmfestival I saw more than +20 movies!

I haven't seen a single one this year. 

Hopefully I will catch one or two in this week... but I have to acknowledge the fact that it might not happen.

So I was just reminiscing the best movie - or maybe the most surprising and innovative - I saw last year.

'A Town Called Panic'.

The crazy french duo behind have made a short with the characters: 'The Cake'

I can't stop laughing. Allthough I barely speak any french, in my opinion you don't need to understand what they say. You're just brought right back to childhood and playing with your toys and all the crazy + amazing stuff that happened to them in the hands of small, greasy fingers and unlimited, uninhibited imagination.

Have any of you seen some (good/bad/whatever) movies at this years festival?


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