Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Easter is fast coming up, in T minus 10 minutes to be exact (5.p.m is the end of the workday in Denmark - generally speaking). Except - I don't have time for that. I'm working on an article, and I have a delayed videoproject as well.
Work is really fun though, I finished an article yesterday where I interviewed danish chef Kille Enna. She just released a cookbook about potatoes, and when I had to write picturecomments to the dishes we use in the magazine, one of my peers handed me 'The flavour Thesaurus'. It's such a funny book (and good-looking) for all food-afficionados out there. With urban foodlegends and recommendations and such. It made writing so much fun - and Kille herself is such a sweetheart and a maverick in the kitchen - why not use potatoes in pastries and other desserts? Among many others things.
If I find the time these next days, I'm dying to make her gnocchi or potatopancakes with cucumbersalad. Yum yum.

(Exhausted, but happy) Love,

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