Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grey thoughts

These pictures are from tuesday - what a nice sunset. Today is grey. I feel grey too. Was at a debut concert last night for a pianist. (Debutconcerts are when people finish their studies at the conservatory.) The debutante was an acquaintance of mine. I met him 7 years ago - he was really good then, but I was not completely out of his league.
I am now.
It made me sad about so many things in the past...
But oh, did he play with emotions! He had something to share. 

And now is the present. So I will enjoy the beauty of the fall, the love from my friends and the joy I get from writing - and of course playing in SPEkTR. (That IS better than any classical music - so yay!)
Tonight I'm going to attend a seminar with Alfred Brendel - he is one of the biggest living stars in the classical piano-world, but he has retired from giving concerts, since he is 80 years old. His fingers can't keep up anymore. The title of the seminar is "The light and shade of interpretation". I'm sure it will inspire me - and probably make me a bit mellow as well. But I'm looking forward to it!

Life is something you really can't predict...


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