Sunday, November 7, 2010

Me... a geek.

I needed to treat myself to something nice today, (I think I deserve it.) so when I was helping a friend shop (Yes, I carried her bags and all that - she has a strained foot, so it WAS really helping! Oh, you don't believe me?! You shouldn't... I bought a cute, knit dress for myself. Hmm. I really don't have the money!) - I found The Coolest Keychain EVER!
Yes, I am a geek. I bought The Millenium Falcon.
I love it. It makes me happy.



  1. I like your new keychain a lot. So you put all your keys together on one keychain, huh? I do, too. But my friend has hers separately, saying it's all about risk management, meaning she wouldn't lose all keys at once if she should lose some keys. I don't agree; I would lose them if I had them all in different places.

  2. Thank you, Ai. Yes, I do put them all together, but your friend sounds clever. Still, I'd rather be the type of person who don't expect to loose her keys.

    And yeah, I'd never be able to find my keys, if I had them scattered all over the place. I have trouble enough finding them as it is...