Friday, December 24, 2010

Gentlemen Prefer Operasingers

I've been working on a videoproject with and about my friend who is an operasinger.
And I finally launched the blog yesterday! Yaaaay.

Warning: It's in danish, and there's only one video on there - but hopefully I'll get a lot of videos on it during January... I have A LOT of footage.

It's something we do out of love for our field of work - we're our own employers. And even though I'm not that fond of opera, I'm passionate about all most music, and so far I've learned a lot and am moving towards liking opera more and more.

But check it out: Gentlemen Prefer Operasingers

And yeah, I find it a bit ironic that my personal blog (this), that I write in english, has a danish title, and that my vlog-project, that I write in danish, has an english title... it's all just to confuse you, hihi.

Merry X-mas and love,

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