Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The good traditions

The best christmas-tradition is the tree. It's smells so great indoors and looks so lovely with all the tiny lights. Ours this year had an actual little birdsnest on it's branches, and my mom put a bird in it.
But we don't have room to dance around it inside, so we always put our coats and mittens and boots on and dance around the one standing outside. It's our very own special tradition, and a great one - getting some fresh air after stuffing oneself with yummy, but heavy, christmas-food.

But if I could choose, I would have a christmas tree like this:
I would love just going into the forest at night and dance around this one with all the elves and other magical creatures of the Scandinavian forests. Maybe I would find a gateway to Narnia under the branches.
(I think I'll do it next time I'm in the forest.)

But the very best tradition of all is on the 27th, a.k.a. yesterday. My friend Joakim and I always meet to eat asian food and have beers - preferably one to many, and we are silly and loud and laughing. I'm slightly tired today. But happy. 4 years of best-friendship going strong.



  1. snefyldte træer i live + bedste venne-traditioner må være årets hit. gerne i den uendelige udgave. smaddergodt nytår, fine ida.

  2. De er i hvert fald vinterhitsne over dem alle!
    Mere end godt nytår til dig, søde Linda. Vi ses i det næste :)