Monday, December 20, 2010

To be or not to be - in Helsingborg

Saturday my friend and I went to Helsingborg.
We went outside on the ferry-deck, and it was soooo cold - and very, very slippery! That's why she's laughing, because it was crazy and a bit dangerous. But we wanted to see Kronborg covered in snow.

Helsingborg was really nice and cosy. We had fika (swedish for coffee and something sweet... right? Well actually only had coffe and sandwich) at Koppi - amazing coffee! Really. They roasted it themselves in the backroom. Yum. Next time I'll buy coffee to bring home.
Afterwards we went to our favorite swedish stores: Lagerhaus, Åhlens, Lindex, Coop.
Later I'll show you the things I bought.



  1. oh wow, kronborg looks so beautiful covered in snow and yes, lagerhaus! love that shop!

  2. I could have bought sooo many things in Lagerhaus. But had to restrain myself.
    Why are the swedes so good at making great AND cheap stuff? A mystery.
    Btw: Love your blog!